Bottle Drive:
The bottle drive is always a great way to raise some funds for our club. This year it will be held on April 23, from 1PM - 3PM. We will meet at the Burman Pool parking lot and assign areas in Lacombe for you to go to. Swimmers are asked to wear their Dolphins gear if they have it.
Raffle Tickets:
Once we have a final list of families, the Raffle tickets that we sell annually will be finalized. This is the fundraiser that you paid for with your $200 fundraising cheque. We will let you know when they are available to be picked up at the pool. 
Raffle Table:
We will be looking for donations for our raffle table at our swim meet. If your family would like to donate something, if you have a home based business or if you work at a business that would like to donate, please let us know! This is a great fundraiser for our club and the swimmers and families always enjoy a great raffle table!

Booster Juice:

This is an optional fundraiser...but a good one!! We are selling Booster Juice coupons for $6.25/coupon. Our club pays $5/coupon so we make $1.25 off of every coupon sold! Right now, the cheapest Booster Juice smoothie is $7.29 so everyone wins with these coupons! Please let Veronica know if you would like to buy some coupons or a book (or more!) to sell or keep on hand for yourself! They make great additions to birthday presents, teacher gifts, bus drivers, coaches...the list goes on! Books come in a pack of 20 for $125. 
Thank you for all of your efforts in helping raise funds for our club!